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From any country within the European Union, you may transfer your gift to either of the following bank accounts:

To a bank account in the Netherlands
Account number
IBAN: *) NL33 ABNA 0497164833
beneficiary name: Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland 1)
location: Utrecht
1) The Vereniging (association) Wikimedia Nederland
is one of the local chapters approved by the WMF. The chapters support the goals of the WMF from a local perspective. The chapter's activities rely to a large extent on donations as well.. You may also support the association by your membership.
These numbers/codes are needed for international bank transfers (see hereafter).

Donations with the WMF as beneficiary, may also be transferred to the Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland. In that case, please include: for the WMF in de remark field of your transfer. Your donation will either be forwarded to the WMF, or - after consent - be used for expenses the WMF would otherwise incur in Europe. (e.g. to extend the capacity of the computer centre in Amsterdam).

International bank transfers

From EU countries
According current legislation, an international bank transfer within the EU may cost no more than the usual fee for a domestic transfer. In many cases those costs will be zero. You will need an IBAN number and possibly a BIC code for such international transfer (see above).
From other countries
Bank transfers to any of above accounts will definitely incur extra bank transfer costs. Alternatives (which also may imply additional charges) can be found here.