Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU/2013-11-4

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Meeting Free Knowledge Advocacy Group, London Nov 4, 2013

Attendees: Dimitri EU, Jan WMDE, Frans WMNL, Bengt WMSE, Jon, Charles, Stevie WMUK

There is a large copyright reform discussion coming up in the EU. Other NGO’s involved in the discussion are:

  • Creative Commons
  • Open Knowledge Foundation
  • Collective Rights Management

We decided on the organization of the Advocacy group:

  • One representative from each chapter /country who will act as contact person for Dimi (spider in the web)
  • Decision making to be dealt with in each country / chapter
  • No formal board or decision making entity on EU level
  • Mission statement = founding document
  • Information resource = (including the discussion page)
  • Communication = advocacy advisory mailing list

We revised the Statement of Intent of the Advocacy Group:

  • ‘Giving Free Knowledge a Voice’ (See below)


  1. Mission statement to chapters
  2. Building expert pool
  3. Building up contacts in the member states / key persons on national level
  4. Open content Unesco booklet translated & distributed to EC members
  5. Co-organise World book and copyright day 23rd April