GLAM-WIKI 2015/Proposals/Medical collaborations (working with translation organizations, government and other NGOs)

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This is an accepted submission for GLAM-WIKI 2015.

Submission no. GW15.1015
Title of the submission
Medical Collaborations (Working with Translation Organizations, Governments and other NGOs)
Type of submission
Author of the submission
James Heilman
Country of origin
Wiki Project Med Foundation
E-mail address
User:Doc James
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WikiProject Med Foundation has been involvement with a number of collaborations over the years including with: translation organizations, governmental organizations, journals, universities and other websites. This will be a review of what we have been working on and what we have learned.

Detailed proposal

This will be an overview of some of the projects WikiProject Med Foundation has been involved with over the years. While discuss what has and has not been successful. Partnerships discussed will include: Translators Without Borders, World Health Organizations, UCSF, Open Medicine, and the NIH and AHRQ among others.

Length of presentation/talk
25 Minutes
Target audience
All levels
Expected outcomes
There are many other like minded organizations besides galleries, libraries and museums. And look at some of the other potential collaborators and what we have found successful with respect to healthcare content.
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Only available Apr 9th and 10th

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