GLAM-WIKI 2015/Proposals/Mid term is better than one night shot: Strategy and scalability in GLAM partnerships

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This is an accepted submission for GLAM-WIKI 2015.

Submission no. GW15.1016
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Mid term is better than one night shot: Strategy and scalability in GLAM partnerships

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Àlex Hinojo

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Catalonia (Spain)


Amical Wikimedia

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We have all done some GLAM partnerships, we are not "virgin" anymore. But, how can we better drive our GLAMwiki partnerships to fit our chapters goal's and keep helping our community of editors

Detailed proposal

It's quite a long time since we started GLAM project globally. We've all run an edit-a-thon, we've all done some content donations... but they seem like islands in the free knowledge ocean. This conference/talk/debate wants to put on the table how to better design a GLAM strategy which includes community of editors will, GLAM partners and stakeholders interests and wills, and how can we as an organization (chapter, thematic org, GLAM or whatever) make it self-sustaibable and scalable: How to better design a mid term focus to our activities plan.

As a Free knowledge advocates organisation, should we always say YES to any partnership proposal? How can we draft a plan when no volunteers are around? How to leverage assumptions and expectations?



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25 Minutes
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Expected outcomes

Share our experiences on how to better design an strategy plan which includes the support of our volunteers community, our GLAMs partners will and a mid term focus.

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