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This is an open submission for GLAM-WIKI 2015.

Submission no. GW15.1026
The story of a long-lasting partnership and the cross-wiki rollercoaster
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Esther Solé i Martí
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Catalonia, Spain
Amical Wikimedia
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This presentation will deliver a case study about the GLAMwiki partnership held since 2011 between Barcelona’s Fundació Joan Miró and the Catalan Wikipedia community, which resembles to a romance: we met, had a great time together, and have gone one step further. Thanks to this long-lasting experience we have compiled a set of reccomendations to take into account when building partnerships and have also noticed an invisible wall that hinders participation in such partnerships at a cross-wiki level, an evidence which might need some discussion by GLAMwiki program leaders in case collaboration between communities is sought in the future.

Detailed proposal

First of all, we will make a brief overview of the GLAMwiki projects which sparked our love story at Fundació Joan Miró. This partnership was deeply inspired with Joan Miró’s wish to make his legacy as close to people as possible and also aligned with Fundació Joan Miró’s mission, which aims at increasing the presence and improving the quality of the available knowledge about the artist and his oeuvre either in the research world, exhibition rooms, or even Wikipedia and its sister projects.

These projects laid the foundation of a long-lasting partnership, which has encompassed both outreach initiatives —several edit-a-thons, the usage of QRpedia technology in two exhibitions, an editing party, backstage passes, etc— and tasks performed at an internal level by a wikipedian in residence, such as the redefinition of Joan Miró’s template with the help of the Fundació’s curatorial team or the identification of high-quality texts and studies about Joan Miró and his artworks in different languages that could be relicensed using OTRS authorisations. A set of reccomendations to take into account when building and developing a sustainable, engaging, and satisfactory partnership has been distilled from this array of experiences and will be shared with the audience.

Afterwards, the presentation will focus on the most recent actions, developed from late 2013 until present times. These actions are seeking to improve the available information and data about the artist and his oeuvre in Wikipedia's sister projects and are also especially aimed at making this knowledge available in more languages with the help of editors from targeted communities, both usual and novice. Despite the imminent deployment of the content translation tool and that the goals of each action have always been achieved thanks to several highly motivated international editors, our calls to communities and editors from abroad to participate have received a rather low response, which might be a trend experienced in other GLAMwiki projects willing to develop similar initiatives. An explanation might be found in the lack of interest of editors from abroad in local topics or in poorly-planned calls for action. However, we would like to openly present and discuss this phenomenon in order to gain effectiveness in cross-wiki initiatives and in making projects born in small communities more attractive to international editors and thus moving forward towards Wikipedia and its sister projects’ mission.



Length of presentation/talk

25 Minutes, can be adapted to a Pecha Kucha presentation

Target audience

General public, especially those active in rather small communities looking forward to cross-wiki collaborations

Expected outcomes
  • Advice about how to build sustainable, engaging, and satisfactory GLAMwiki partnerships
  • Insight of international relations between editors and communities
  • Improvement in crosswiki initiative planning, strategy, and deployment
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