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Van: http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Meetings/May_16%2C_2005

"Jimmy will discuss the Queen's Jubilee "partnership" with Gerard Meijssen, since it was felt this should not be in the press release." Dedalus 24 mei 2005 07:52 (UTC)

I changed the local contact in press contact, for I think it is not proper to let Wikimedia Netherlands, since it does not exist.

I learned today Waerth was the WMF press contact (I did not know, pleased to meet you Waerth ;)), so I just want to insist this is a temporary press contact for this event (since it is giving Gerard phone number)

I hope it is okay with everyone. If not, join #wikimedia and let's talk about it.


i agree completely. btw i changed "Nederland" to "the Netherlands" since the text is 100% english... oscar 26 mei 2005 05:47 (UTC)

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