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Original (Dutch) version
This page is only a draft, translated from Stichting Wikimedia Nederland (Dutch). This page might be out-of-date.
Further does this page need very much a proofread!

The Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland is a Dutch (geografically based) association (by Dutch law), which has as objective (See also article 2 of Statuten VWN:

  • To promote the acquisition and release of free and/or free accessible information in any manner, thereby using, but not limited to, the internet to store and keep this information.;
  • To support the objectives of the Wikimedia Foundation Inc., a non-for-profit organisation established in Florida (USA).

The association shall attempt the realisation of its objectives by applying any legal means.

The association neither has any power, nor assumes any responsibility, for the information as meant in the objective, neither to the content thereof, nor to the way this content is being acquired and processed.

VWN is primarily a organization for it's members. For this, she shall organize regularily a meeting, whitch will most of the times be open for non-members as well. Members might get reduction. VWN has the intention to bring out an association-magazine in the future, further in the future maybe even IRL.

VWN is orginizing the WCN 2006 (see for a short, English version meta), whitch will be held on september 2nd.

VWN will try to make contact with institutions whitch could give data under a free license in the futur, in favor of the Wikimedia-projects. By this way the Vereniging hopes to get more free information.