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This is an obsolete page, that has been archived.
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Dit zijn niet de uiteindelijke statuten These are NOT the final bylaws.

Voor de nederlandstalige versie van dit artikel, zie Conceptstatuten Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland.

Draft bylaws Wikimedia Nederland

Establishment and bylaws for an association Wikimedia Nederland

Today, *, present before me, *, notary at *:


Name and seat

Article 1
1. The association has as name: Wikimedia Nederland.
2. It's seat is at:


Article 2



Article 3
1. The association has been established for an indeterminate period of time.
2. The financial year of the association is the calendar year, provided that the first financial year starts at the establishment (and ends on December thirtyfirst of the year following the year of establishment).


Article 4
1. The association has members.
2. Members are those who applied by letter to the board and have been accepted by the board. The board will issue a statement of this. In case of non acceptance by the board the general meeting might still decice to acceptance.
3. The membership is personal and can not be transferred or be acquired by inheritance.
Article 5
1. Membership ends:
a. by the death of the member;
b. by cancellation by the member;
c. by cancellation by the association;
d. by expulsion.
2. Membership ends immediately:
a. in case in all fairness the membership can not be continued by the member;
b. within a month after a decision by which the rights of members have been restricted or their duties have been made more severe, has become known to a member or has notified;
c. within a month after a decision has been notified to a member of conversion of the association into another legal form or of merger.
3. Cancellation of membership on behalf of the association can be exercised by the board at the end of the current financial year:
- when a member upon repeated request by letter by November first hadn't fulfilled his financial obligations with respect due the current financial year to the association;
- when a member doesn't comply anymore to statutory requirements of membership.
The term of notice is four weeks.
In case of untimely cancellation, membership continues until the end of the next financial year.
Cancellation can end membership immediately in case in all fairness it cannot be demanded from the association to continue membership.
Cancellation is always by letter stating reasons.
4. Expulsion of membership can only be ordered when a member acts contrary to bylaws, regulations or decisions of the association or when a member injures the association unreasonably. This is ordered by the board, who will notify the member as soon as possible, stating reasons. Said member is authorized to appeal to the general meeting within a month upon receipt of notification.
During the period of appeal and awaiting appeal, the member is suspended. A suspended member has no right to vote.