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This is an accepted submission for GLAM-WIKI 2015.

Submission no. GW15.1045
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Expedition Wikipedia
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Esther Boeles, Frank Meijer
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Dutch Foundation for Academic Heritage
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What happens when a community of academic heritage professionals adopts the Wikipedia way? How many critics have to be won over, what were the expectations, and what are the outcomes now that the project is completed? What did the universities get out of it? Would they do it again?

Detailed proposal

In 2011 the Dutch Foundation for Academic Heritage sought new ways to increase the online visibility of its members heritage collections. Inspired by their partner the Tropenmuseum, they chose The Wikipedia Way: To use Wikipedia and Wikimedia commons as a platform for the distribution of their knowledge, to donate images of their collections and to appoint a Wikipedian in Residence. For this organisation, and most of its members, this approach was new, experimental and controversial. It took several years to discuss and plan this idea, and to find funds. But in 2014 it all came through and project Expedition Wikipedia was launched. This spring the project ends and we are ready to evaluate.

In this presentation we will present our evaluation. We will especially look at the assumptions and expectations of the partners, as described in the project plan: how realistic were they? Did we reach our targets? And what outcomes were unexpected?

At the end of our presentation we hope to answer the most important question: would we do it again?

More information

  • Project Expedition Wikipedia (Dutch) (English)
  • The Dutch Foundation for Academic Heritage is a cooperation of ten Dutch universities. University collections contain all types of GLAM-material, on a wide range of subjects, usually kept in a museum, the library or at the university departments.
  • Collaboration

Length of presentation/talk
25 Minutes including discussion
Target audience
intermediate, advanced level
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