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This is an open submission for GLAM-WIKI 2015.

Submission no. GW15.1041
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GLAM work in a 'hostile' terrain

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Michael Phoya

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Malawi, Central Africa


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Some of the highs and lows of GLAM in a country where things do and don't always happen the way they should.

Detailed proposal

Malawi, like most African countries, has such a rich heritage. All the more reason why GLAM work should be exciting! But it not always is because Malawi, again like African countries, has way too many challenges, not least internet supply. From hunting for an outdated Copyright Act (and not finding it at the Copyright Society) to spending months just to see the big bwana’s (bosses) in the heritage industry, we have our work cut out for us in GLAM work. And just when one is about to throw his hands in the air, one chances upon poverty-stricken individuals running bush museums in the hopes of trying to save their heritage, fast eroding in the new millennium. To listen to them is to witness passion in living colour. GLAM work in Malawi in Malawi is a bittersweet experience. Still, we push on. The purpose of this proposal is to simply share our experiences of a certain kind.

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25 Minutes
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  • Get a good picture of GLAM work in other countries, continents
  • Offer insight in how some of the challenges can be overcome
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