GLAM-WIKI 2015/Proposals/How Wikidata data can benefit Histropedia and other 3rd party projects, and why donating data opens up a world of possibilities

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This is an accepted submission for GLAM-WIKI 2015.

Submission no. GW15.1012
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How Wikidata data can benefit Histropedia and other 3rd party projects, and why donating data opens up a world of possibilities

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  • Navino Evans
  • Sean McBirnie
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United Kingdom



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We would like to give a presentation on the latest progress of Histropedia since our previous demonstration of the site during Wikimania 2014. Our presentation will focus on showcasing the huge benefits of our integration with Wikidata, and how use cases like this can be used to encourage GLAM institutions to donate more of their to data to Wikidata.

Detailed proposal

Histropedia is a project using Wikidata and Wikipedia to create an interactive timeline of everything in History. Our goal is to build Histropedia into a complete resource for exploring, discovering, comparing and analysing History. Although Histropedia is a private company, these aspects of the project will always be completely free to use and all timelines created are published under an open license. To make this project possible we need access to as much structured data as possible, especially data that is important and relevant in a historical context.

As well as demoing the latest improvements to Histropedia, we will present our plans for the next phase of Wikidata related features, and draw attention to importance of the GLAM-Wiki initiative in furthering the development of the resource we are trying to create.

One area that we will highlight is how the flow of data from GLAM institutions into Wikidata can bring vast benefits to the data donors themselves, such as the power to run advanced queries or analyse correlations with other datasets. Of course, any data that is donated also becomes available for use in Histropedia or any other third party project which remains linked with Wikidata, helping GLAM institutions visualise their data in new ways and ultimately reach a wider audience.

We hope that Histropedia can play a role in showcasing the vast potential of Wikidata to transform the way the world interacts with ‘sum of all knowledge’, and help to bring data donation into the discussion as one of the key goals of the GLAM-Wiki initiative.



Length of presentation/talk

25 Minutes

Target audience

All levels

Expected outcomes

Show progress of Histropedia and highlight how open data can be used by 3rd projects for the benefit of all.

For attendees to learn more about the benefits of donating and consuming data from Wikidata, and how this can be used to encourage data donations from GLAM institutions.

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