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This is an accepted submission for GLAM-WIKI 2015.

Submission no. GW15.1046
Title of the submission
Training GLAMs
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Author of the submission
Sebastiaan ter Burg
Country of origin
The Netherlands
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Volunteers sometimes enounter limitations to keep up with the amount GLAMs dthat want to cooperate and/or the amount of work that is involved in cooperation. Training GLAMs can be a solution, but the effect of these activities are harder to measure.
Detailed proposal

The growing interest of GLAMs to cooperate faces volunteers, user groups and chapters with new challenges. In some countries the interest outgrows the availability of (skilled) volunteers and/or staff.

Chapters have been focussing on (trying to) attract and recruiting new volunteers to contribute to the Wikimedia projects. Unfortunately new volunteers mostly lack the skills and knowledge needed for mass uploads, organising events, etc. needed for cooperation with GLAMs. Training GLAMs is long term investment and do not lead directly to new available content. It is also hard to proof a direct relation between a course and uploaded content. In this presentation I will present my efforts of training GLAMS in 2014 and want to start a discussion on the (need for) KPI’s for these kind of activities.

Questions for discussion are: - how to determine the advantage and disadvantage of training GLAMs? should development of training material be organised international? how translation, cultural differences and international differences in the sector be handled? what kind of training sessions are needed?

Length of presentation/talk
25 Minutes to 40 minutes
Target audience
Intermediate to advanced
Expected outcomes
  • Learn: Lessons learned in The Netherlands
  • Outcomes: answers on questions in detailed proposal
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