GLAM-WIKI 2015/Proposals/Wikidata overview for GLAMs

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This is an accepted submission for GLAM-WIKI 2015.

Submission no. GW15.1030
Title of the submission
Wikidata overview for GLAMs
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Maarten Dammers
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Wikidata is a free linked database that can be read and edited by both humans and machines. This presentation will give an introduction to Wikidata, a bit of history and short overview of the concepts used on Wikidata. After the general part I'll highlight several (wiki)projects relevant to GLAMs like authority control, cultural heritage and the sum of all paintings

Detailed proposal

Wikidata is a free linked database that can be read and edited by both humans and machines. I'll start with a general introduction. What do we put in Wikidata? What are the things we don't put on Wikidata? How to contribute constructively? How to maintain the data? How does it relate to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects? How is the data used? What's the history of the project? What's this semantic web thing I've been hearing about? Didn't that die in the 2000s? I'll explain the different concepts used in Wikidata like item, property, statement, reference, etc.

After the general part attendees should have a general idea of what Wikidata is about and how it's used. To make it more practical and to inspire people I'll highlight some of the (wiki)projects that are active on Wikidata and probably relevant to GLAMs:

WikiProject Authority control: Authority control is a process that organizes library catalog and bibliographic information by using a single, distinct name for each topic. Wikidata links to many sources for this and this is expanding rapidly. This work started on Wikipedia and continued to improve and expand this.

WikiProject Cultural heritage: One of my previous projects was Wiki Loves Monuments. In Wiki Loves Monuments we gathered a lot of data that is spread around on different language Wikipedia's and stored in the Monuments database. Goals of this project is to import as much data as possible about our cultural heritage, thus making the database in its current form obsolete. We already have more than 100.000 items describing historical buildings.

WikiProject Visual arts: How do we model things like paintings and sculptures.

WikiProject sum of all paintings: A WikiProject to get an item for every painting in the collection of a museum. I'll show what we're working on and where we stand right now.

(I'm open to shifting things around to better align this with other Wikidata related presentations)

Length of presentation/talk
25 Minutes (could maybe use a bit more)
Target audience
GLAMs (especially the ones new to Wikidata)
Expected outcomes
The participant understands the basic concepts of Wikidata and is inspired by all the possibilities for GLAMs to contribute
Will you attend GLAM-WIKI 2015 if your submission is not accepted?
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I submitted a more in dept focused presentation for Wikimania 2015
Special requests
Would like to be at the start of the conference because this is an introduction.

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