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On my way to Zürich I took a stroll through Basel where I recorded a 2 minute high resolution video of a kinetic fountain. I think it stands a fair chance of being featured on the front page of Wikimedia Commons.


Shortly talked about my WLM related developing during introductions: the Wikitext generating web application and figuring out how to split up long lists of monuments based on geographical region. Most of the day I struggled to get my laptop to work because it had overheating problems. I went into town with Jan Zerebecki to buy cooling paste, which so far has kept my laptop running.

In the party organized in the evening there was somebody that told me that there was another person who would like to learn how to split up lists. Meeting up with old and new Wikipedians was, of course, a lot of fun.


I started on the project I wanted to be working on this Hackathon: devising a script that would facilitate downloading high resolution photographs from the Christies auction house website. Their website has a flash photo viewer that makes it nearly impossible to download them. A while ago I backwards engineered where the high resolution files were stored, they were stored by tiling up the photograph. I wanted to automate downloading the tiles and reassembling them.

In between this I introduced Adrian Lang to multi cursor editing, which he thought was a powerful tool and totally great. He is still hesitant to start actually using it since there is a learning curve involved.

At the barbeque in the evening I talked to Guy Castagnoli, a local Wikipedia new to most of the Wikipedian experience. He asked me about the stroopwafel I handed to Lila Tretikov during her meet and greet. I taught him the proper pronunciation of the word and its role within the Wikimedia community, in the process explaining WikiLove, the new notification system and the newly added “thank”-button. I also showed him the Wikipedia Map Android app, a tool with which you can locate Wikipedia articles with coordinates that are closeby.


In the morning, Hugo asked me what I was working on this Hackathon. I told him about the image extraction. He told me that something like that had probably already been developed, and to check in with another French user who worked with a workaround for the French national archive.

This other user pointed me to the tools listed on commons:Help:Zoomable images, which indeed did the trick. I set about improving the resolution on a number of images that had previously been transferred from Christies. I saw that commons:User:PKM had done this a number of times so I informed her of these tools as well. She would later thank me for doing so.

At the afternoon closing presentations, GerardM showed the map namespace that had been launched at WikiData. I later asked him if this could also be used for the map I’m maintaining that showed the progress we’ve made in making inventory of Dutch municipal monuments for WLM. He said it would be possible, so I’ll have to look into this later. --1Veertje (overleg) 9 jun 2014 22:26 (CEST)