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presentation for NVBT, 2016-04-14

Hilversum, Pinetum Blijdenstein

(some of the links are to pages in Dutch)


for presentation: zoom in a couple of times.


2014: start of the project

Project Natuur started in 2014
with photo contest “Wiki Loves Earth
in six National Parks in the Netherlands.

some price-winning pictures:


The project in general

From the very first beginning all activities were designed
to increase the quantity and quality of information concerning nature

on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia-projects (like Wikimedia Commons).

The project has three angles of view:

  • species - enhance the quality and quantity of information
about plants and animals
  • areas - id. about nature areas
  • history - id. about history of nature study and nature conservation



Activities have had different forms:

  • long term projects
  • short running activities
most of the time in cooperation with organisations

The project is organised by a (growing) group of volunteers (Wikipedians), assisted by staff of Wikimedia Nl, working in close cooperation with WIR(s).

The project has its own workspace in Wikipedia, and on other websites.


Some results until now

In more or less arbitrary order some activities of the project:

  • Nozeman / Sepp <- content donation by KB
  • National Park Utrecht Hill Ridge <- cooperation to find new editors
  • Dragonflies <- content donation
  • WIR Naturalis
  • Images by Jos Zwarts
  • Thijsse
  • Floron content donation
  • etc.



Nozeman / Sepp - content donation


Shortly after the KB (Koninklijke Bibliotheek = Royal Library) decided to donate the scans of all the images of the famous Nederlandsche vogelen (= "Dutch birds" / XVIII/XIX) by Cornelius Nozeman and Christiaan Sepp to Wikimedia Commons, we worked in May and June 2015 on spreading the information on Wikipedia worldwide.


We created directory-pages on “Commons” and started distributing the images over Wikipedia. Until now hundreds of images were used on altogether 52 different (language) wikipedias.


The blackbird takes the lead, with images in 22 different (language) wikipedias.


See the Image uptake stats for details.


National Park Utrechtse Heuvelrug (Utrecht Hill Ridge)

Aim: building long term relations with partner organisations and volunteers

in the area and surroundings of the National Park.

(and of course also at enhancing texts and images on Wikipedia.}

The project started in August 2015.

We arranged a course on editing Wikipedia - attended by a few interested volunteers.
None of them has continued working on Wikipedia.

In the meantime we created the Portal Utrecht Hill Ridge on the Dutch Wikipedia,
and some 60 articles were created on different aspects of the National Park and its surroundings.

The project took place in cooperation with:

  • the staff of the National Park and
  • I.V.N., the Dutch organisation on nature education and sustainability.

The project is still continued.

We are discussing new forms of attracting (and retaining) new editors for Wikipedia on local nature related issues.

Libellen (dragonflies and damselflies) - content donation


This was a short term project:

Libellennet” (website) is part of the Vlinderstichting (Dutch Butterfly Conservation).


The text of this website is made available under a CC-BY-SA 3.0 License (Creative Commons)

in February 2015.


Since then a lot of information from the site is “copy-pasted” into the Dutch Wikipedia,
like for instance w:nl:Coenagrion mercuriale.

In total: information on 60 species has been used (until now).

WIR Naturalis

  WIR = Wikipedian in Residence

has been working in Naturalis Biodiversity Center from May to November 2015.
Aimed at:

  • content donation
  • internal and external information on Wikipedia

Some of the results:

  • upload of 1.698 images of plant type specimens of the herbarium
  • upload of 136.232 images of songbird specimens
  • upload of 111.504 images of mollusc specimens
  • etc. etc. -> total nr of images uploaded: 276.482
  • total number of articles on Wikipedia with image from this donation viewed (between May 2015 and Feb 2016): 5.014.421, etc.
  • writing sessions and training sessions organised for staff of Naturalis.


especially this gallery

Content donation of images by Jos Zwarts

Jos Zwarts is a well known Dutch bird artist.

He recently donated a total of some 1000 drawings to Wikimedia.

We worked on distributing them....

Until now some 5% of them are used
on 31 different (language) Wikipedia's.

Next bundle of images on its way!

Thijsse-week and follow up

November last year:

we organized a "Thijsse-week" on Wikipedia.

total number of articles contributed in that week:

As a part of this activity we had a

introductory course on editing Wikipedia
in H&T-library in Hugo de Vries building (adjacent Hortus Amsterdam).

Cooperation with IVN.

Content donation by Floron

more or less the same kind of cooperation as with Vlinderstichting / Libellennet, but on a larger scale:

Floron (Field research on plants of the Netherlands) has made all texts in distribution atlas available under CC license in December 2015.

Since then we work on editing the still missing species of Dutch plants on nl-wiki.

For instance on March 19, 2016 <- "Wiki Saturday"

Until now 40 new species are added, like [:w:nl:Brede_dovenetel]].

Some 300 are still to be done. Volunteers needed!

A new WIR at VOFF

Next month a new WIR will start at VOFF

etc., etc.

  • Birds in the Rijksmuseum
  • Nature on Dutch Wikisource

more info on the project (in Dutch) on: