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building resilient structures

Hi everyone, I did set up this userpage at Wikimedia because I'm interested in bringing Wikimedia-projects to a next level, to provide a little help and support to make it able to keep up with new developments like AI and tools like ChatGTP. Starting with the creation of a more contributor-friendly working environment, with nice new templates etc., among others to make it less difficult for new contributors to start new articles that can pass the critical eyes of veteran communitymembers, and edit existing ones. Looking for ways to encourage coders worldwide to spend time to develop tools in-the-house. And find entries to people at the Foundation, chapters, usergroups and communities who are interested in idea-finding, brainstorming and innovation so Wikipedia will make it's way up on top of the developments.

Offering support when whished and needed in the fields I'm educated and experienced in, like structure-building, ruling and governing through basic principle laws and/or policies. To build more efficient and collaborative working environments, with an open, friendly and civilised workingstyle: with a sharp mind and tongue on the subjects discussed but polite and civilised when it comes to the persons participating in debates. To maintain these structures and make them more resilience to cope with new developments. And in the meantime ... contributing to the Wikimedia mission to make the sum of human knowledge available for everyone.