Hackathon 2011/Voortgang

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Subject Description Participants
Sentence-level editing mw:Sentence-level editing. Create a new hybride interface (even easier to use and no need to switch modes!) JanPaul123 Status:    Done
Pywikipediabot in Translatewiki.net RobertL, Siebrand Status:    Done
L10n-support for Europeana Add to the Translate extension RobertL, Siebrand Status:    Done
PhotoCommons - WordPress plugin Make it easy to import photos from Commons and do it the right way (no hardcoding of thumbpaths).

Wikimedia SVN

Husky, Krinkle Status:    Done
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iPhone Upload-app: WikiSnaps App to take and upload photos from your iphone right to Wikimedia Commons.

Initial working demo is finished. Still needs major work before it can be submitted to the app store.

TheDJ Status:    Done
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License integration MediaWiki Keep any legally required information in a new area of the database structure.

mw:Files and licenses concept / mw:License integration MediaWiki
Wikimedia SVN / CR

Krinkle, Bryan, Roan Status:    Busy
Statistics for GLAM's Status:    Busy
Batch uploading bot in pywiki A new standard as pywikipedia bot to do batch uploading.

Wikimedia SVN

btongminh Status:    Busy
Improve Commonist Overal improvement of Commonist and get translation back up. Status:    Not done
FTP Batch uploads Status:    Not done
WikiSense (@toolserver) replacement GlobalUsage for files by uploader (see also WikiSense/Gallery);
GlobalUsage for files by category
Status:    Not done
Parallel compression Improve dbzip2, a bzip2 parallelization implementation (project by Ariel, half done) Status:    Not done
Importtool for Europeana All content with CC0, - BY-SA and PDM licenses Status:    Not done
API Status:    Not done
Google Maps tool for rijksmonumenten With a frontend to query the database (+multiple output formats and better framework) multichill Status:    Not done