Hackathon 2012/Voortgang

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Subject Description Participants
PWB wikivoyage The wikivoyage cluster needs a non-standard family file, and a bot to transfer all images to WMF commons. valhallasw, multichill, ? Status:    Done
LabeledSectionTransclusion add template support to mw:Extension:Labeled_Section_Transclusion. I'd like to discuss the patch with some mediawiki hackers. valhallasw, ? Status:    patch in gerrit, unreviewed
Lodewijk's userscript to remove Facebook streams on TV programs Lodewijk wrote a Greasemonkey user script to remove the Facebook sidebar from live broadcasts of public television programs like 'Pauw en Witteman' lodewijk Status:    Done
Amsterdam Museum upload OAI-PMH API to upload images to Commons

We've got a Data dump already.

merlijn, hay Status:    in progress
Wikidata in PWB Wikidata support in pywikipedia André Status:    Not done

What individual people learned today

  • Joris Pekel: Queried DBPedia in order to make a timeline. Learned loads of things about SPARQL endpoints. Was able to make visualisations.
  • Jane: Converted 26 pdf's of municipal monuments from Haarlem in the format of the municipal monument list with 1700 monuments.
  • Lodewijk: Monument Inventarisation Provinces (MIP) database. 150.000 records with Municipal Provincial Rijksmonumenten in the Netherlands in an Access database, imported in Google Refine to check which updates were done on Wikipedia.
  • Ruud: feature added to related changes, it shows related changes of an article that belongs to a talk page.
  • Nicole: discussed the next Hackathon with people involved in the communities
  • Merlijn & Maarten: wrote migration tool to add photo's of the old Wikivoyage site to the Commons.
  • Merlijn & Maarten: worked on a generic Python script to easily get images of GLAM-collections online.
  • Dan: learning Gerrit with the help of Merlijn, and the API with Derk-Jan, and Wikidata with Daniel, PHP unit testing. refactoring of code for the Toolset project, general technical design of the toolset project.
  • Derk-Jan: Fixed two important user bugs, technical design for changes for upload wizard so you can select more licenses than that are currently available
  • Dan & Derk-Jan: updated documentation for two new configuration options in MediaWiki
  • Vadim: magically converted PDF's of municipal monuments in Scherpenzeel and Wageningen to structured data lists for Wikipedia and Wiki Loves Monuments.
  • Lydia: finally cleaned up my awful backlog of e-mails about Wikidata (because there is no regular fuzz around).
  • Sam: fixed the search for Wikidata and lots of general bugfixes
  • Andrew: spend six hours in multiple types of trains and vehicles. Catched up on bugs. Taking advantage of the fact that lots of MW developers are on the same physical location.
  • Jeroen: code reviews of various extensions and contributors.
  • Daniel: finally being able to merge lots of code that he wrote and had in review because everyone is at the same place instead of in virtual (Antoine suggests doing this with Skype).
  • André: talked to people, brainstormed about next steps in the RCE project / relation. Made a CSV file with MIP data for Lodewijk.
  • Timo: documentatie updaten van database schema (eindelijk naar 1.20, laatste versie van 1.17). In Labs experimentele ondersteuning voor linten van alle Javascript met grunt en jshint.
  • Antoine: enjoying the wonderful Dutch transportation. Physical code reviews (slapping people ;). Working with Timo on the grunt/jshint linting stuff. Gave Ruud a short course on Git.
  • Željko: Setting up Mediawiki in Vagrant so you can really fast set up a MW installation and VPS. Busy with fixing Selenium tests for Mediawiki.
  • Lotte: Google Refine tutorials gevolgd. Het ding georganiseerd :) Bezig om XML dump van Amsterdam Museum te verbeteren. Mensen informatie gegeven over Anefo en Amsterdam Museum beantwoord.
  • Hay: organised the darn thing ;) Created a list of the shortest articles with the longest talk pages thanks to Ruud. Re-encoded a video file for Lodewijk. Created a Github repo for the database dump of the Amsterdam Museum.