How to appeal a decision

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It is possible to appeal a decision or action taken under the Friendly Space Policy. Anyone who was involved in an incident can appeal: the person who reported, the person against whom action was taken and others directly involved.


Decisions taken during a meeting or activity cannot be appealed during that meeting. However, it is possible to appeal in writing after the meeting.

Appeals must be submitted no later than 8 weeks after the decision has been announced.


Appeals can only be submitted in writing via BVR[at]wikimedia[dot]nl to:

a. the WMNL Board - if the original decision was taken by the director and/or the board member with the BVR portfolio

b. the BVR committee established by the ALV - if the original decision was taken by the WMNL board

More information

The full text of the Protocol Enforcement and Reporting FSP in English.