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Visa invite letter

Congratulations WM-NL for stepping forward to host GLAM conference this year! I went through the visa application form and thought I would leave two suggestions:

  • The title options provided in the form are 'Mr' and 'Mrs'. While some women prefer to use Mrs. as their titles, I think the trend is declining : it would be a good idea to replace Ms. with Mrs. as the title suggestion. Further, Mrs. (usually) applies to married women, while Ms can be used irrespective of the marital status of the individual.
  • While asking for the address details of the candidates, there is no space to mention the state to which the applicant belongs to. The concept of 'state' is especially important in Asian countries while applying for a visa. The Consular office to which one should apply depends on which state the applicant belongs to. Therefore, providing the name of the state is important in the visa invitation letter.--Netha Hussain (overleg) 26 jan 2015 17:37 (CET)Reageren[reageer]
Dear Netha Hussain , thank you for your suggestions. I've added them to the form Ter-burg (overleg) 26 jan 2015 20:35 (CET)Reageren[reageer]
Thank you! All the best for the most eventful GLAM conference ever! --Netha Hussain (overleg) 31 jan 2015 15:11 (CET)Reageren[reageer]

Conf's page

I wonder wouldn't it be better to hold if on outreachwiki? --Base (overleg) 1 feb 2015 05:26 (CET)Reageren[reageer]

Google Street View

In addition to adding photos to Google Street View, perhaps you could also add them to mapillary? That way the photos can be used to improve OpenStreetMap --Almccon (overleg) 25 mrt 2015 22:11 (CET)Reageren[reageer]

Yes, excellent suggestion. I was personally not yet (until now) aware of mapillary. I'll add it to the page. --OlafJanssen (overleg) 26 mrt 2015 12:15 (CET)Reageren[reageer]