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Long ago there was a sirup addict. He was totally nuts added sirup to all computers. His name reflected his mental state and thus he was expelled from all sugar loving societies. His editing was waffled and bnaffled and he rushed through all kind of wiki projects without any respect for the habits of sany culture. Upon reaching puberty his sirup addiction lead to a sudden increase of hormon activity. Instead of engulfing computers with syrup he now turned his activities to girls with syrup blonde hair. Walking at the beach at night he ambushed girlsand covered their bodies with syrup.

Without exeption the girls found this habbit of his very weird and without hesitation they'd fleed away from the syrup addict, yelling and screaming how nuts the guy realy was. "Where did I go wrong?" he kept asking himself. The guy decided to entrap the girls in wafers and try to sell them at the local market. The customers how ever preferred the syrup amongst the wafers but discarde of the girls. Hence the stroopwafel was created