WCN 2012/CoSyne

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Spreker: Amit Bronner

Bridging the Gap of Multilingual Diversity

Wikipedia's content is governed by three principal core policies. The first principle states that all Wikipedia articles and other encyclopedic content must be written from a neutral point of view, representing significant views fairly, proportionately and without bias[1]. Users within each language community are forced to discuss their points of view in order to reach a consensus on each single article. This policy is not enforced across different language versions of Wikipedia. As a result, Wikipedia articles about the same topic in different languages may be quite diverse and may be biased towards the consensus of one language community.

In this talk[2] I will present and demonstrate CoSyne, a content synchronization system for multilingual wikis. CoSyne helps users to bridge the gap of multilingual diversity by identifying content overlap between different language versions of the same article. Using state-of-the-art machine translation and natural language processing techniques, CoSyne suggests concrete changes that integrate only non-overlapping content. CoSyne suggestions are displayed by an interactive wiki gadget that allows for exploration, correction, editing and sharing among users.

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  2. See my presentation slides online