WCN 2016/Programma/Wikimedia Ebooks

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Sprekers:Juan Andres Gomez en Cristina Lavinia Cochior

We are researchers from the Publishing Lab in Amsterdam working on developing a tool to create e-books out of Wikimedia content.

Wikimedia E-Books

Access to offline versions of Wikimedia projects has been stressed as an important feature through projects like Book Creator or openZIM. In 2007, when the Book Creator first launched, Sue Gardner believed that “this technology is of key strategic importance to the cause of free education world-wide.”​ Since then, the tool has gone through many changes, but progress has been slow. Our research is concerned with storing offline article collections in an epub format. How can we improve the experience of gathering cross-wiki content and storing it as epub? Would this change the mode of interaction with the rest of the wiki projects? We would like to use this presentation as an opportunity to open a discussion around the requirements of such an endeavor and get feedback from the Wikimedia community.