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Fiscal Sponsorship Wiki Loves Monuments international

WMNL acts as Fiscal Sponsor to the Wiki Loves Monuments international coordination team. This means that WMNL only administrates funds, does payments, ensures proper reporting, while it has no role in the day to day running of Wiki Loves Monuments. More information on the 2013 Wiki Loves Monuments International programme

Reimbursements and advance payments

  • WMNL processes and pays reimbursements of costs by local organisers. In some cases, it is possible to receive an advance for such costs. Below you will find the forms for reimbursements and advance payments.
  • Please be aware that reimbursements and advances will only be paid by WMNL if approved by the WLM-international coordination team!

More information about the possibility of getting a reimbursement or an advance for costs related to Wiki Loves Monuments: Karthik Nadar - email: karthikndr(at)wikimedia(dot)in or Cristian Consonni - email: cristian(dot)consonni(at)wikimedia(dot)it

More information about processing reimbursements and advances and on how to fill in the forms: Tom Kisters - email: finance(at)wikimedia(dot)nl

Download the forms:

Reimbursement claim form: for reimbursement of costs already paid and for which you have receipts and invoices

Request for advance payment: for an advance payment of costs yet to come.