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Statement of purpose of Wikimedia Nederland.

  1. WIKIMEDIA NEDERLAND aims to promote and to support, directly or indirectly, the applications, transpositions, exploitations or translations, of Wikimedia Foundation projects. WIKIMEDIA NEDERLAND is allowed to use marks and logos belonging to Wikimedia Foundation. This authorization can be revoked discretionarily and at any time by Wikimedia Foundation as provided in the trademark licence agreement which will be signed if necessary.
  2. The association is a section (Local Chapter) of the Wikimedia Foundation Inc. (Florida, USA). The association's independence is not affected by this. The Wikimedia Foundation acts as the umbrella organization for all national Wikimedia sections, it coordinates the activities according to the association's purpose within the internactional sector and it manages the name Wikimedia as well as the names of the various international Wikimedia projects.
  3. The association's purpose is to be pursued by:
    • the operation and the funding of operation of online systems for creation, collection and distribution, respectively, of Free Content - including fundraising on behalf of the Wikimedia Foundation. The main focus lies on the several international Wikimedia projects.
    • the distribution and support of distribution of Free Content by other means, e.g., in digital or printed form, with focus on the contents of the international Wikimedia projects.
    • the acquisition, making available und distribution of information and public relations work relating to Free Content, supplying pressreleases for example, Wikis and the various Wikimedia projects, through events, such as attending exhibitions and delivering speeches, or information literature.
    • resolving scientific, social, cultural and legal questions relating to Free Content and Wikis, e.g. with expert opinions, surveys, and awarding of scholarships.
  4. However, WIKIMEDIA NEDERLAND is not concerned by the collective life of the sites. Any interference, in exceptional circumstances, is only intended to ensure the respect of the law, under the conditions provided by article X of these statutes, and particularly after court orders. WIKIMEDIA NEDERLAND does not have any editorial responsibility on these sites, except for the pages created for its own needs.
  5. The association may collect funds for or transfer them to other tax-exempt corporations or corporations under public law, if they are used exclusively for the purposes mentioned above, and it may hold shares or be a member of such corporations.