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This page provides summary information what to do if you want to report a (possible) violation of the Friendly Space Policy.

The Friendly Space Policy

Wikimedia Nederland wants all its events, activities, platforms and channels to be accessible, safe and welcoming for everyone. We work on the basis of friendliness, respect, collegiality and solidarity, so that we can agreeably collaborate on free knowledge. This is the basis of our Friendly Space Policy (FSP).

The FSP is not there to punish people. The FSP does allow for measures to be taken against individuals if that is the only way to ensure a safe and pleasant working environment, and to restore such an environment as quickly as possible after incidents.

The BVR applies:

  • during all events and activities organised by WMNL (online and in person), and at the WMNL office,
  • on all online platforms and channels under the responsibility of WMNL: the WMNL Wiki and website, Facebook and Telegram groups, mailing lists, YouTube and Instagram chat and comment windows,
  • for all attendees and participants.

When to make a report?

  • If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe due to the behaviour or language of another participant/attendee,
  • Generally, if you observe unacceptable behaviour or language during an event/activity or online,
  • You can also make a report if you yourself are not directly involved in a (possible) violation of the BVR, but have witnessed this
  • You can report immediately (e.g. during an activity or event), but also later (but don't wait too long!),
  • Please always make a report immediately if you think there is a gross or deliberate violation, a dangerous situation, or risk of repetition or escalation.

How to make a report?

If immediate action is required, e.g. during an event:

  • to the designated FSP contact person - via chat, telephone or in person. At each event/activity, it will be clearly announced who the FSP contact person is, and how they can be reached.

If the contact person is not available:

  • To a board member or employee of WMNL, or one of the organisers of the activity.

In all other cases

What will happen after you have made a report

During an activity/event

When a report is made during an activity/event, the FSP contact person immediately assesses whether immediate action is required. The FSP contact person will always contact the (possible) offender and ask for their view on what has been reported.

Sometimes personally addressing someone about undesirable behaviour is sufficient to maintain or restore a safe and pleasant environment. If not, the FSP contact person will take other measures. These can range from an official reprimand to excluding someone from further participation.

Other reports

For all other reports (if no immediate action is needed) Wikimedia Nederland will start an investigation, giving all involved parties the opportunity to give their views. WMNL tries to share the outcome of the investigation with those involved no later than one month after the notification.

Based on the investigation, WMNL will decide whether measures are necessary. The aim of measures is to maintain a safe and pleasant environment, as well as to restore trust and a sense of security with all involved after an incident.

Confidentiality, privacy and anonymity

A report is always made confidentially. WMNL exercises maximum restraint in sharing information about reports, especially about the identity of persons involved in an incident. Where possible, WMNL complies with privacy wishes of those involved.

It is not possible to report a violation of the BVR anonymously.

WMNL gives information in its Annual Report on the number of reports received and any measures imposed. It does not report on content or persons involved.

More information

Contact information

Wikimedia Nederland office

Mariaplaats 3 3511 LH Utrecht

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