What is the Friendly Space Policy?

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The Friendly Space Policy

Wikimedia Nederland wants all its events, activities, platforms and channels to be accessible, safe and welcoming for everyone. We work on the basis of friendliness, respect, collegiality and solidarity, so that we can agreeably collaborate on free knowledge. We want to empower as many people as possible to actively participate in Wikimedia projects and platforms, to reach our vision of a world in which everyone can share in the sum of all human knowledge. This is the basis of our Friendly Space Policy (FSP).


The purpose of the FSP is to ensure a safe and pleasant working environment, and to restore such an environment as quickly as possible after incidents.

The FSP is not there to punish people.

The policy must be applicable everywhere: during in person and online meetings, and on the platforms, sites and channels for which WMNL is responsible.

It must be clear to everyone how and to whom they can report a (suspected) violation of the FSP. That process must be clear and easily accessible. The options for appeals must also be clear.

The FSP should be consistent with the Wikimedia Universal Code of Conduct and the Enforcement Guidelines. Where relevant, the FSP will take into account the conventions of the Wikimedia projects as much as possible.

WMNL will be maximally transparent about the implementation of the FSP, but the privacy of those involved will always be paramount.

  • applies on all platforms and channels operated by WMNL, and during all in person and virtual events and activities organised by WMNL;
  • applies to all attendees and participants, and to members, non-members, volunteers, board members and employees of WMNL alike;
  • gives examples of undesirable behaviour, but especially also examples of desired behaviour;
  • identifies measures that WMNL can take to safeguard or restore a safe and enjoyable environment, in consultation with those involved;
  • acknowledges that (conflicts on) the Wikimedia projects can have an impact on Wikimedia Nederland activities, and offers tools to deal with this;
  • offers the possibility of appeal against decisions made by WMNL in the context of the FSP.
  • is an elaboration of the FSP and outlines the frameworks for implementation and enforcement;
  • outlines how the FSP is communicated to participants of activities;
  • makes clear who within WMNL is responsible for implementing the FSP;
  • explains how people can report FSP violations and how such reports are investigated;
  • specifies what measures are possible if violations are found to have occurred;
  • how decisions made in the framework of the FSP can be appealed;
  • how WMNL reports on the implementation of the FSP.


Wikimedia Nederland (WMNL) has had a Friendly Space Policy (FSP) since 2015 . In 2021-2022, this policy was thoroughly rewritten. Reasons were:

  • the creation of the Wikimedia Universal Code of Conduct,
  • the need to have a policy that would be applicable in online environments as well as in physical meetings,
  • the growing attention within the movement and society in general for the well-being of groups that face social exclusion and discrimination.

In addition, we knew from surveys of editors of NL Wikipedia that the working atmosphere on Wikipedia was not always perceived as constructive. And it became clear that the Internet in general could be a toxic environment.

More information on the process of drafting the FSP can be found here.


Please use the talkpage for questions or comments about the FSP in general. Or contact Sandra Rientjes (rientjes[at]wikimedia[dot]nl).

Making a report?

Do you want to report a possible violation of the Friendly Space Policy? Go the this page for more information - or send a mail to BVR[at]wikimedia[dot]nl.