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Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums & Wikimedia / Fri 10 - Sun 12 April 2015
Koninklijke Bibliotheek & National Archive of The Netherlands, The Hague, NL

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Contact: Sandra Fauconnier <>, conference phone +31 (0)6 2130 8653, @wmnl - - GLAM-WIKI 2015 on Commons

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Join the Global South GLAM-WIKI 2015 Challenge!

National Gallery of Zimbabwe
National Museum of Ghana

The GLAM-WIKI 2015 programme committee invites conference participants (and everyone else...) to help edit Wikipedia articles about Global South GLAMs.


One of the big challenges for GLAM institutions is improving the articles about their gallery, library, archive or museum without breaching the “conflict of interest” guidelines.


  • Improve or translate or create a Wikipedia article about a GLAM in the Global South. Indicate which article(s) you have worked on below.
  • You can also work on these institutions' information on Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons...
  • The programme committee will showcase the most improved article(s) by the end of GLAM-WIKI 2015.

Possible topics (feel free to add to the list!)

Lists of museums, libraries, galleries

Pick your own from one of these lists:

Articles that need help! (add your own!)

  1. National Museum of Vanuatu (English Wikipedia)
  2. Swaziland National Library Service (English Wikipedia)
  3. Al-Assad National Library (Syria) (English Wikipedia)
  4. Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery (English Wikipedia)
  5. National Gallery of Zimbabwe
  6. Manhyia Palace Museum
  7. National Museum of Ghana
  8. Yaa Asantewaa Museum
  9. National Archives of Zimbabwe
  10. Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum
  11. South African Jewish Museum

Articles that need creating!! (please add your own)

  • The Iziko collection of Museums
  • Genealogical Institute of South Africa
  • Cape Craft and Design Institute
  • Irma Stern Museum
  • Marvol Museum


Add your signature below, add the articles you have improved/created, and eventually your other contributions!

  • Added 'instance of' national museum / national library / national archives to a few hundreds of institutions on Wikidata (see above)
  • Will use Global South GLAM institutions as case studies during Wikidata tutorial at GLAM-WIKI 2015
  • Aklatan ng Al-Assad - Translated the English article on the "Al-Assad National Library" into Tagalog.
  • Manhyia Palace Museum - Added some detail to said English article.
  • Stroopwafel - Translated the Enlish article on the "Stroopwafel" into Tagalog. I know this has nothing to do with the Global South challenge, but I just love stroopwafels so much.