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This document page was set up by the Program Committee of the GLAM-WIKI 2015 conference to inspire people for the call for proposals.

Primary focus of the GLAM-WIKI 2015 conference

Wikimedia has the goal to make knowledge accessible to everyone in the world. To achieve this we need to have an oversight of the worldwide similarities and differences in

  • the structure of the GLAM sector,
  • differences in copyright,
  • business models of GLAMs and artists,
  • the impact of cultural differences on the GLAM sector,
  • case studies of GLAM WIKI projects from around the world.

Structuring the proposals and program

  • Themes for the program include: Discovery, Collaboration, Remix, Capability and Exposure.
  • Perspectives to discuss the themes are Lessons learned (looking back), Under development/in process and Future developments.
  • Topics within the themes and perspectives that could be part of the program are in table 1.
  • Types of sessions - the way these topics can possibly be programmed - are in table 2.

Table 1: Ideas for topics for the GLAM-WIKI 2015 conference

# A) Theme B) Description C) Lessons learned D) Under development / in process E) Future developments
1 Discovery What's possible with Wiki Projects, open data, resources in the public domain, commons and linked data etc?
  • Discovering the different possibilities
  • Orientation
  • Skills needed at GLAMS
  • Technical requirements at GLAMs
  • Types of activities you can develop (content donations, edit-a-thons…)
  • Statistics
  • Visual editor
  • Wikidata and GLAM collection databases: how to link and work together?
  • Wikidatafying Commons
  • Augmented reality in museums
  • 3D models on Commons
  • Video on Commons
  • Translation project for GLAM projects
2 Collaboration
GLAMs + Wiki: how to collaborate?
Case studies of effective partnerships between Wikimedia projects/volunteers and GLAMs. Including Wikipedians in residence, crowdsourcing, transcription projects, etc.
  • Coolest projects
  • Wikipedians in Residence (pecha kucha)
  • Training GLAM staff to be editors
  • Editing policies and procedures in GLAMS
  • Partnerships like Europeana (also gendergap topic: fashion)
  • Crowdsourcing metadata
  • Wiki loves art 2016
  • Transcription projects
  • The global consequences of Copyright reform in Europe
  • Gender gap and underrepresented topics
  • Art+Feminism
  • Jewelry on Wikipedia
  • Fashion
  • Applied arts
  • Textiles
  • WikiProjects
  • Alternative content donation workflows: Flickr2Commons for pro’s
  • Making collaborations durable/sustainable over the long(er) term
  • Models for long-term collaboration
  • Long-term edit-a-thon series
  • Emancipating GLAM staff to ‘do it themselves’
  • Hands-on sessions to improve the outreach pages of GLAMwiki
  • Future outreach strategies for GLAMwiki
3 Remix
Creating new content
An opportunity for artists and content creators using wiki projects and resources in their creative practice. Creating new ‘open content’:
  • Remixing from existing open media (such as heritage)
  • Opening up totally new creations: best practices
  • Prerequisites: which licenses to use, and what are the consequences?
  • Panel discussion about Commons Distributors
  • Panel discussion with other GLAM content users, like journalists and designers
  • Showcase of cool remix projects
  • Presentations by artists who ‘open up’: how, why, what problems do they encounter, how does it benefit?
  • Copyright cultures worldwide - different views?
  • Traditional knowledge and indigenous information
  • Tracking creative reuse
  • How to encourage and help contemporary artists to open up documentation about their work
  • How to invite galleries and other holders of contemporary art collections to share their collections on Wiki
4 Capability
Improve your skills!
Exploring projects building skills, wiki tools, policies, processes, feedback and statistics, incorporating sustainable processes.
  • Introduction to Wikimedia’s principles
  • Introduction to Wikipedia editing
  • Introduction to Wikimedia Commons
  • Templates for sharing collections in Commons
  • Running effective edit-a-thons
  • Wikidata for GLAMs training
  • GLAMwiki Toolset workshop
  • Wikimedia Commons, Wikibase, Wikidata and GLAMs’ collection databases: learning from each other
  • 'Push to Commons' buttons in collection registration systems
5 Exposure
Exposure and dissemination of collections (with open data)
Interesting ways to present ‘open’ collections to the public Cool interfaces and other dissemination projects with open content / media from Wikimedia Commons
  • Timelines
  • Geographical; putting open collections on a map
  • The relevance of GLAM Data in Wikidata
  • Visualization, statistics, and how to take this further.
  • Using the “Did You Know” process to highlight significant collection objects
  • Using social media as a tool
  • Traveling Wikipedia exhibitions

Table 2: Types of sessions for the GLAM-WIKI 2015 conference

# Type Subtype Potential outcome
1 Speaking Keynote Knowledge transfer and questions
2 Panel Facilitated debate, knowledge transfer and questions
3 Pecha Kucha Knowledge transfer
4 Round table discussion Facilitated debate, knowledge transfer and questions
5 Pitches Present an idea and receive feedback
6 Speed dating Networking and new cooperations
7 Workshop Learning Learn new and/or improve skills, gain knowledge
8 Creating Improve skills, knowledge transfer