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These are the ideas for proposals of things to present at GLAM-WIKI 2015, but where's the list of ideas for proposals that came out of GLAM-WIKI 2015? There were so many good ideas talked about (especially during the breaks and off-site informal gatherings) and I wish we could have a summary of those, too! Jane023 (overleg) 13 apr 2015 08:31 (CEST)Reageren

Superb idea :-) and is uitgevoerd! - go ahead here. We'll send some emails around in the next week to point all participants to this. SandraF (WMNL) (overleg) 13 apr 2015 12:17 (CEST)Reageren
Great! Too bad this whole interface is in Dutch by default. That makes it very difficult for international visitors to contribute. I posted directions how to set English in Speciaal:Voorkeuren. Jane023 (overleg) 15 apr 2015 09:03 (CEST)Reageren