Mini Hackathon November 2022

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Pizza will be eaten
And maybe even some cake, who knows...

Wikimedia Nederland welcomes around 30 international participants to a one-day Mini Wikimedia Hackathon on Saturday, November 12, 2022.

Join us for a day of 👩🏼‍💻 hacking, 🥨 snacking, 🍕 pizza, 🗣 catching up in person, and for the (already legendary) 🕯💎🕯 Official GLAMwiki Toolset Farewell Ceremony 🕯💎🕯 !!

  • When? Saturday, November 12, 2022, from around 10:30 CET until around 21:00 CET.
  • Where? Wikimedia Nederland office, Mariaplaats 3, 3511 LH Utrecht, the Netherlands (OpenStreetMap)
  • Remote participation possible? This is an in-person event, for catching up after 2+ years of online meetups due to Covid.
  • For whom? For seasoned, Dutch and international Wikimedians who want to hang out and hack together! The venue supports a maximum of 30 participants.
  • Language? English

Important notes:

  • This is a hackathon for technically-focused, already experienced Wikimedians. There will be no mentorship program for newcomers; we expect all participants to be able to work rather autonomously (although we do of course encourage and applaud group projects!). The regular international Wikimedia hackathons do offer participation and mentorship for newcomers - check those if you are interested in that!
  • International participants are very welcome, but do note that travel and hotel costs are not covered or arranged by the organizers or Wikimedia Nederland. In other words: you will have to book, arrange and pay for your own travel and hotel.

If you are interested in participating, you can apply via this form. Please apply before October 21st. The organizers will take final decisions on the group of participants by October 24.

Apply here

Timeline and program (under construction)

Saturday, November 12 (Mini Hackathon). All times are in CET
10:30 Doors open
11:00 Welcome, BVR introduction, brief standup
12:30 Lunch
Somewhere during the day 🕯💎🕯 Official GLAMwiki Toolset Farewell Ceremony 🕯💎🕯
18:30 🍕
21:00 End. Whoever wants can join for a drink in a pub near the venue (this will be at your own expense).
Saturday, November 19 (at WikiConNL)
tbd Final showcase of the hackathon. If you can't be present at WikiConNL, make sure to create a short video for the showcase!


This AI-generated goat will be our mascot during the hackathon.

In alphabetical order:


If you are interested in participating, you can apply via this form before October 21st. The organizers will take final decisions on the group of participants by October 24 and will notify you personally. They will add your name below if you are confirmed, and if you indicated you are OK with your (user) name being published below.

Who How certain are you that you will participate? What do you want to work on? Anything else you want to share?
Ainali 100% User script for Wikidata to easily show which properties most often link to an item: d:User:Ainali/common-properties.js Status:    Done I'm also happy to help out with SPARQL-queries
Ciell 100% Witches from Peelland
daanvr 100% I have some ideas that tickle my creativity: working on a bot that makes automated contributions, adding a large dataset, creating a Pinterest-like user interface to navigate Commons files, helping others, ... I enjoy working with others on their or my project. Do you have questions about Javascript, Goejosn, Online GIS, and similar topics? I'm happy to help in any way I can :)
Egordm 100% Possibly creating a web-only version of BOLD for wikidata and optimizing its query builder. Done -> Demo
Eposthumus 100% Integrating <-> Wikidata in some way.

Maybe allowing IC users to add notations to Wikidata objects (like paintings)

Husky 100% (organizer) TBD, but otherwise there's always this list of Github issues for my projects I can help on SPARQL queries and tool development (both backend and frontend)
Hyruspex 100% WPCleaner installation, Open refine installation and Wiki Witch Project (map, properties, OR)
LizzyJ Working on WW2 archives and information. Know enough of python, sparql and shell scripting to extract (some) data, but more of a collection specialist than data crawler. Currently interested in the Buchenwald Archives at Arolsen Archives Happy to help find GLAM data and GLAM datasets. Can share data about WWII Netherlands
Lottebelice 80% Not sure yet, but since I am not a programmer maybe something like manual data cleanup or matching.
Lucas Werkmeister 95% probably Python tools, or maybe something related to m3api happy to help with SPARQL, Python, PHP
OlafJanssen 100% I'll work on preparing a workshop about uploading media/images and data to Wikimedia Commons using OpenRefine 3.7+, as outlined on this page Happy to help with any OpenRefine, Wikibase, Wikidata, SPARQL questions
Pintoch 201% I want to talk with people, mostly! But it's likely some of these talks will be about OpenRefine The ups and down of working on open source tools :)
SIryn Creating a workflow to add structured data to 'old' GLAM uploads using OpenRefine, mainly focusing on collections related to the Caribbean part of the Netherlands, also using OR trying to update old URLs for the National Museum of World Cultures (new website with handles, if anyone knows of an easier route, I am all ears..) and there is also an issue with photo's showing the destructions of the Russian invasion in Ukrain that can do with some better metadata.. Also very much looking forward to catching up with everybody and the pizza-eating of course. How long did you say this hack-a-thon lasts?
Spinster 100% (organizer) Further experiments with WikiFlix, possibly using Snowman + generous interfaces. I can help a little bit with OpenRefine projects but would really like to focus on WikiFlix at the hackathon :-) I would welcome people who want to help with WikiFlix experiments, including: Snowman experts, SPARQL query connoisseurs, and generous interface experimenters.

Bye bye GWtoolset, thanks for your service!

Waldenn Conzept datasources system, browser extension issues

Friendly Space Policy / Beleid Vriendelijke Ruimtes

Like all other WMNL activities, this hackathon is governed by the Beleid Vriendelijke Ruimtes (BVR / Friendly Space Policy). Contacts for BVR are Lotte and Hay.

How to get there

The hackathon will take place at the offices of Wikimedia Nederland. The offices are centrally located in the city of Utrecht and easily reachable by public transport. Take any train to 'Utrecht Centraal' station. From there it's about a 15-minute walk to the offices at Mariaplaats 3, 3511 LH Utrecht, the Netherlands.

If you're coming by car you can either park in one of the nearby parking garages (Hoog Catharijne P5 is an option), which can be pricy (expect around €5 per hour). You can also use one of the "Park and Ride" (P+R) options and park out of the centre and then take public transport to the city centre.