Mini Hackathon November 2023

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Group photo of the 2022 Mini Hackathon in Utrecht
Last year was fun! Will the 2023 edition be even better?
Pizza will be eaten again!
And maybe even cake, if we invent a good occasion for eating cake.
We encourage bringing snacks, especially if they are accompanied with a fun social tradition!
This AI-generated goat with pizza will be our mascot during the hackathon.

Wikimedia Nederland again welcomes around 30 international participants to the second one-day Mini Wikimedia Hackathon on Saturday, November 4, 2023.

Join us for a day of 👩🏼‍💻 hacking, 🥨 snacking, 🍕 pizza, and 🗣 catching up in person.

  • When? Saturday, November 4, 2023, from around 10:30 CET until around 21:00 CET.
  • Where? Wikimedia Nederland office, Mariaplaats 3, 3511 LH Utrecht, the Netherlands (OpenStreetMap)
  • Remote participation possible? This is an in-person event.
  • For whom? For seasoned, Dutch and international Wikimedians who want to hang out and hack together! The venue supports a maximum of 30 participants.
  • Language? English

Important notes:

  • This is a hackathon for technically-focused, already experienced Wikimedians. There will be no mentorship program for newcomers; we expect all participants to be able to work rather autonomously (although we do of course encourage and applaud group projects!). The regular international Wikimedia hackathons do offer participation and mentorship for newcomers - check those if you are interested in that!
  • International participants are very welcome, but do note that travel and hotel costs are not covered or arranged by the organizers or Wikimedia Nederland. In other words: you will have to book, arrange and pay for your own travel and hotel.


Saturday, November 4 (Mini Hackathon). All times are in CET
10:30 Doors open
11:00 Welcome, BVR introduction, brief standup
12:30 Lunch
18:30 🍕
After pizza Showcase! Etherpad here!
21:00 End. Whoever wants can join for a drink in a pub near the venue (this will be at your own expense).


In alphabetical order:


If you are interested in participating, you can still apply via this form. The organizers will take final decisions on the group of participants and will notify you personally. They will add your name below if you are confirmed, and if you indicated you are OK with your (user) name being published below.

Who What do you want to work on? Anything else you want to share?
User:1Veertje Make progress on existing projects, showcase them to other participants, help each other.
User:Addshore See what technical volunteers are doing these days, what the community wants, see if anyone would be willing to dive into any of my projects, and see wikimedia community members in person for the first time in a while.
User:Ainali For my own work, I would like to make a Wikidata user script that makes it easier to see if the item is referred to through Structured Data on Commons.
User:Akoopal Get more knowledge on programma pywikbot.
User:Andrawaag Renewed collobrations and novel ideas'
User:AnnikaHendriksen Perhaps how to visualize specific data with sparql queries for example , or tools to add, edit / connect data in the field of natural history, cultural heritage, colonial heritage etc. And / or acquire more skills in OpenRefine esp. regarding the Wikimedia Commons (updating structured data f.e.) , anything learned is GOOD :D
User:Daniuu I'd like to mainly work on developing some gadgets to assist functionaries of (amongst others ) the Dutch Wikipedia. This could concern for example tools to efficiently upload images into Commons and port them to Wikidata and Wikipedia, tools to allow administrators to deal with pages nominated for deletion, as well as providing them with clear front ends...
User:Denengelse Not sure yet, maybe work on exhibitions on Wikidata, find ways to connect them to Delpher
User:Frank Geerlings Discuss Dutch nlwikibots pywikibot issues (bugs, future) and perhaps resolve them; get to know people and learn from them
User:Husky Fix my endless long list of bugs and other things in my tools that i never have time for. Maybe do something with vector database, embeddings and LLM's.
User:Layka100 Advances SPARQL-Querying
User:Lucas Werkmeister Mainly connect to people, maybe discuss some particular topics, we’ll see.
User:MichellevL (WMNL) Work on my OpenRefine and Wikidata skills, get an idea of projects other people are working on and find possibilities for future collaboration
User:Multichill Something with bots, structured data or something else
User:Nikki Get to know more tool/gadget developers, maybe find ways to collaborate on things
User:OlafJanssen I have a Python script running locally on my own laptop or as a Jupyter notebooks in PAWS. I would like to learn the steps to convert this script into a Wikimedia-tool with a user interface on Toollabs/toolforge. Concrete example:
User:Siebrand Connect people, increase movement joy and value.
User:Sjoerddebruin More knowledge from various aspects of MediaWiki, make progress in long-stalled projects
User:Spinster Structured Data on Commons, with focus on creating proposals for the still so many unsolved data modeling questions.
User:TheDJ Improve my 360 extension to work for more than just myself

Covid protocol

The level of infections in the Netherlands is currently low.  However, there has been a slight increase over the past weeks. There are no official measures in place at the moment. For more information: official Corona-dashboard

During this event, we will work according to this protocol

  • all participants should self-test before they arrive at the event, or come into contact with other participants;
  • people who test positive cannot attend the meeting and should avoid contact with other participants. The same applies to people who test negative, but who do have cold- or flue-like symptoms;
  • we will make disinfectant hand gel available at the venue and encourage people to use it;
  • we will make face masks available at the venue. Wearing masks is not compulsory, but everyone should feel free to wear them if they want to;
  • we will set up rooms in such a way that it is possible to keep some distance;
  • we will ventilate the rooms as much as possible;
  • we will not include programme elements where people cannot keep their distance (e.g. icebreakers and energisers).

Friendly Space Policy / Beleid Vriendelijke Ruimtes

Like all other WMNL activities, this hackathon is governed by the Beleid Vriendelijke Ruimtes (BVR / Friendly Space Policy).

How to get there

The hackathon will take place at the offices of Wikimedia Nederland. The offices are centrally located in the city of Utrecht and easily reachable by public transport. Take any train to 'Utrecht Centraal' station. From there it's about a 15-minute walk to the offices at Mariaplaats 3, 3511 LH Utrecht, the Netherlands.

If you're coming by car you can either park in one of the nearby parking garages (Hoog Catharijne P5 is an option), which can be pricy (expect around €5 per hour). You can also use one of the "Park and Ride" (P+R) options and park out of the centre and then take public transport to the city centre.