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Original (Dutch) version

This document is obsolete. It has been superseded by the Statutes/Articles of Encorporation of Wikimedia Nederland and other by-laws

This document is obsolete. It has been superseded by the Statutes/Articles of Encorporation of Wikimedia Nederland and other by-laws


This is a translation of the original Dutch text of the Statutes and By-laws. Every effort has been made to render this translation as faithful as possible to the original text. However, in the case of any dispute about the interpretation of these documents, the original Dutch text shall prevail.


Throughout this and related documents the following terminology is applied.

Foundation This is meant to be a non-profit, non-membership organisation. Equivalents: nl: Stichting, de: Stiftung, fr: Fondation.
Association (noun) This is meant to be a non profit membership organisation. Equivalents: nl: Vereniging, de: Verein, fr: Association.
For a more extensive explanation of the differences between the Dutch "stichting" (roughly: Foundation) and "vereniging" (roughly: "Association"), see Similarities/differences Foundation/Association (scroll down to see the English translation).
Statutes Officially attested and legally binding document setting out the rules of an organisation. According to Dutch legislation, Statutes must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce ("Kamer van Koophandel"). Prior to this, the Articles need to be attested by a notary public. Statutes are public by rule of law, and may on payment of a fee be consulted by anybody at the Kamer van Koophandel.
By-laws Supplementary rules, which should be read in conjunction with the Statutes. These regulations do not require any (public) registration or attestation by a notary. As a rule, they are used to address a number of practical issues and/or issues that may vary in the course of time.



Article 1
1. A person applies for membership in writing, addressed to the secretariat of the association. He/she shall provide his/her (user)name and e-mail address.
2. The association shall respect the privacy requirements expressed by the member.
3. The board shall decide upon the details of the application procedure and shall publish those.

Membership fees

Article 2
1. A member, whose membership has been acknowledged in conformance to Article 4.2 of the statutes, shall pay a membership fee, which amounts for the year of application:
  a. If the application for membership has been received by the secretariat before or at 30 June: 100% of the current membership fee;
  b. If the application has been received at 1 July or at a later date: 50% of the current membership fee.
2. Membership fees shall be paid within 60 days following the date of the appropriate invoice.
3. If the membership fee has not been paid after that period, a reminder will be sent.
4. If, in that case, the membership fee has not been paid after a period of 30 days, article 5.3 of the statutes will be deemed applicable.


Article 3
1. The board of the association consists of 6 persons. Besides the functions as referred to in article 8 of the statutes, the board recognises the functions vice-chairman and vice-secretary.
2. Board members are elected for a period of 1 year and are again eligible for election after that period.
3. Board members do not receive any remuneration. However they may be reimbursed for any expenses incurred as a direct consequence of their engagement. A dedicated regulation thereto will be drafted in due time.

Article 4
1. The board shall make public any decisions that haven been taken. Minutes of meeting shall be made public.
2. Such public exposure shall only be denied if the subject matter, according the board's judgement, requires confidentiality.
3. Such subject can be declared confidential on a temporary base only, unless the subject concerns (a) natural person(s).
4. Decisions, minutes, etc. will be made public on the internet site of the association.

Wikimedia Foundation Inc.

Article 5
1. The foundation/association shall enter a formal agreement (respectively has concluded a formal agreement) with Wikimedia Foundation Inc. (WMF). This agreement will comprise amongst others the following subjects:
  a. Conditions by which logo's, of which the copyright is owned by WMF, can be used.
  b. The conditions and scope of subjects, by which the foundation/association is authorised to speak or act on behalf of WMF.
  c. All other issues that the parties may wish to mutually agree.
2. This agreement will be made publicly known, including any modifications thereof.


Article 6

The address of the board and/or secretariat will be published on the internet site of the association.


Article 7

Unless the board decides otherwise, in writing as may be meant throughout the statutes and/or by-laws, may also be read as message transferred by a common means of communication provided such message can be printed.

This document is obsolete. It has been superceded by the Statutes/Articles of Encorporation of Wikimedia Nederland and other by-laws