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Original (Dutch) version
This page is only a draft, translated from Stichting Wikimedia Nederland (Dutch). This page might be out-of-date.

Stichting Wikimedia Nederland(SWN) is a Dutch (geografically based) foundation, which has the objective (see also the Statutes):

  • To promote the acquisition and release of free and/or freely accessible information in any shape or manner, thereby using - but not limiting itself to - the internet to store and preserve this information;
  • To support the objectives of the Wikimedia Foundation Inc., a not-for-profit organisation established in Florida (USA);
  • To perform all other acts that may be related to or be supportive to abovementioned objectives.

The Stichting shall attempt realisation of its objectives by any legal means.

A Dutch foundation legally can't have members. SWN therefore tries to accomplish a general goal, and can theoretically operate independently, without the need of approval by any other organization. This is however not its intent. The Stichting was founded with the objective of supporting the membership organisation Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland.

SWN could, for example, try to get European subsidies. For this,a foundation (as a non-membership organization) is more appropriate than an association, Vereniging WIkimedia Nederland (a membership organization), because a non-membership organization tries to reach a general goal, and represents that goal, but an association can be believed to only make an effort for its own members and their goals. The chances for a foundation to get grants are expected to be better then those of an association.