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Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums & Wikimedia / Fri 10 - Sun 12 April 2015
Koninklijke Bibliotheek & National Archive of The Netherlands, The Hague, NL

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Contact: Sandra Fauconnier <>, conference phone +31 (0)6 2130 8653, @wmnl - - GLAM-WIKI 2015 on Commons

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GLAM-WIKI strategy

A series of presentations and pitches, followed by an active group discussion on the strategy, goals and future of the GLAM-WIKI 'movement'.

Participants can include:

  • GLAM-WIKI volunteers;
  • GLAM coordinators of Wikimedia chapters;
  • representatives of GLAM-WIKI movement partners (e.g. Europeana);
  • staff members of GLAMs interested in providing input into GLAM-WIKI strategy.


The session on Saturday is moderated by Mylee Joseph.
The session on Sunday is moderated by Stephan Bartholmei.

Saturday 11 April, 13.00-14.50

Presentation: Wikidata, a target for Europeana’s semantic strategy?

By Valentine Charles, Hugo Manguinhas, Vladimir Alexiev, Maarten Dammers

For Europeana, the platform for Europe’s digital cultural heritage from libraries, museums and archives, getting richer (semantic and multilingual) metadata is a priority. It improves access to the 40 million cultural heritage objects, notably enabling the multilingual retrieval of documents and creates relations between objects. To enhance data and enable retrieval across languages, Europeana performs automatic enrichment by selecting source metadata field(s) in the Europeana data and creating links to a selected target vocabulary or dataset representing contextual resources such as places, concepts, agents and time periods. Wikidata is since a while on Europeana’s radar as a potential new target for enrichment but how can it be integrated with cultural heritage data?

Presentation: European GLAMwiki Coordination

Panel: Liam Wyatt (Europeana), Jonathan Cardy (WM-UK), Susanna Ånäs (WM-Fi), Axel Petterson (WM-Sv), Àlex Hinojo (WM-Amical)
In March the first ever meeting of Europe's GLAMwiki Coordinators was held in Paris. Never before has this cohort come together to share experiences, best-practices and decide how to better coordinate across the continent in the future. This presentation by several of the attendees of that meeting will share what we learned. Full report from that meeting

Presentation: Mid term is better than one night shot: Strategy and scalability in GLAM partnerships

By Àlex Hinojo

It's quite a long time since we started GLAM project globally. We've all run an edit-a-thon, we've all done some content donations... but they seem like islands in the free knowledge ocean. This conference/talk/debate wants to put on the table how to better design a GLAM strategy which includes community of editors will, GLAM partners and stakeholders interests and wills, and how can we as an organization (chapter, thematic org, GLAM or whatever) make it self-sustaibable and scalable: How to better design a mid term focus to our activities plan.

As a Free knowledge advocates organisation, should we always say YES to any partnership proposal? How can we draft a plan when no volunteers are around? How to leverage assumptions and expectations?


Collecting topics for the agenda of following discussion on GLAM-WIKI strategy.

Sunday 12 April, 14.30-16.20

Group discussion, continued.

Suggested topics

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