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Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums & Wikimedia / Fri 10 - Sun 12 April 2015
Koninklijke Bibliotheek & National Archive of The Netherlands, The Hague, NL

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Contact: Sandra Fauconnier <>, conference phone +31 (0)6 2130 8653, @wmnl - - GLAM-WIKI 2015 on Commons

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GLAM and WIKI relationship therapy. Where things don't work - and how to fix them

Sometimes the goals of GLAMs and the Wikimedia movement don't match very well. Expectations and needs may be very different. This session brings together a series of such experiences, in order to learn from them. Welcome to a positive GLAM-WIKI critique session!


Barbara Fischer, Wikimedia Deutschland

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From "Wiki loves monuments" to "Open Monuments Project". What is missed in GLAM WIKI?

By Ewa Majdecka (PL)

How GLAM WIKI could be helpful or inspirational for social projects or change is more commons questions than what is there still missed. In order to reconsider idea for GLAM WIKI and make some improvements we would like to take a closer look at situations where and how GLAM WIKI has some limitations. When it could not be a good solution and why?

We are going to base our pitch on our project “Open Monuments” that came from the "Wiki loves monuments" competition. Why didn’t we decided to base our project on Wikipedia? How are the other examples of such projects? Is it only the example of monuments? What should be done in order to make Wikipedia more universal way of opening GLAM?

Are these problems the specific Creative Commons liceses? Are GLAM institutions ready to choose exactly them and not the others? Which information are still missed in Wikipedia that are needed by GLAM community?

It is more and more common to open GLAM institutions. Is GLAM WIKI the simpliest way to make them open? Is there not missed the strategic way of opening these institutions? Is GLAM WIKI an excuse for GLAM institutions not to plan on strategic level?

And what about the institutions that are not convinced about openess? Is Wikipedia and potential “loss” of GLAM resources (meant by GLAM) a friendly environment? What to do to build clear message?

The aim of the pitch is to start a discussion with other professionals about their experience with limitations of GLAM WIKI. How our shared recommendations could improve GLAM WIKI? How to state questions that would build positive doubts? During the pitch we will state many of them, but we hope to encourage stating others. We invite all of you for a positive GLAM WIKI critique session!

Difficulties of running GLAM projects in Asia

By Venus Lui (HK), Liang-chih Shang Kuan (TW)

In the presentation we will talk about the difficulties of running the GLAM project. In Asia, most museums are operated by the government and it is not easy for us to run the GLAM project. Also the copyright in Asia is different from Europe. It is difficult for the Wikimedia community in Asia to ask the people who possess those artworks to share on Wikipedia. The session will also give room for the discussion with participant about the possibilities of developing the project in Asia. We will focus mainly on cases of East and South East Asia, i.e. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia.