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Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums & Wikimedia / Fri 10 - Sun 12 April 2015
Koninklijke Bibliotheek & National Archive of The Netherlands, The Hague, NL

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Contact: Sandra Fauconnier <>, conference phone +31 (0)6 2130 8653, @wmnl - - GLAM-WIKI 2015 on Commons

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Which ideas did you get out of GLAM-WIKI 2015?

Group photo by Ziko. Which ideas did you get out of the conference?
Ideas emerge in the pub too! :-)

Feel free to jot down the first ideas that you got out of GLAM-WIKI 2015. Don't worry if the idea is viable or not - it's really interesting to have the overview and it's OK to try but not succeed!

We might (re)structure this list at some point. SandraF (WMNL) (overleg) 13 apr 2015 12:11 (CEST)[reageer]

  1. Create a Dutch-language 'guide to licensing your work' for contemporary artists - with Hanno SandraF (WMNL) (overleg) 13 apr 2015 12:11 (CEST)[reageer]

Great idea, I would like to look into this and write a proposal! Mtmlan84 (overleg) 1 mei 2015 11:10 (CEST)[reageer]

  1. Help the digital conservator of Rhizome with his ideas on Wikidata - with OR drohowa SandraF (WMNL) (overleg) 13 apr 2015 12:11 (CEST)[reageer]
  2. Meet up with the RKD very soon about Wikidata and anything Wikimedia-related! - with Multichill, Husky and of course Jane023 SandraF (WMNL) (overleg) 13 apr 2015 12:11 (CEST)[reageer]
  3. Start up a 'Wikimedia expert learning circle' (better word needed) for those Dutch GLAM professionals who have internalised working with Wikimedia projects in their organisation, but who still want to learn more. We can gather on a regular basis (bimonthly for instance) to learn to use new developments and tools together. A first step would be to use the GWtoolset for the first time, for instance with Tim (Nationaal Archief) and Richard (Wereldculturen), guided by Olaf (KB). Wittylama indicated that Europeana would like to support this! SandraF (WMNL) (overleg) 14 apr 2015 09:57 (CEST).[reageer]
    Yes, excellent idea! --OlafJanssen (overleg) 14 apr 2015 17:42 (CEST)[reageer]
    Yes, good idea. I proposed this in a little different form already last year. I am certainly willing to participate in this. Romaine (overleg) 14 apr 2015 20:53 (CEST)[reageer]
  4. Maybe Tropenmuseum/Wereldculturen have interesting materials for Wikisource? SandraF (WMNL) (overleg) 14 apr 2015 09:57 (CEST)[reageer]
  5. Make a list of all the important Dutch conferences for the cultural sector, and make sure we are present at some crucial ones. Keep track of proposal deadlines, etc. SandraF (WMNL) (overleg) 14 apr 2015 09:57 (CEST)[reageer]
  6. WMNL project leads must vastly improve our visibility in networks of the Dutch cultural sector, not just the networks of the 'usual suspects' that we already work with... SandraF (WMNL) (overleg) 14 apr 2015 09:57 (CEST)[reageer]
  7. Gendergap in the GLAM world seems at first glance to be under control (lots of women came to the conference - Yay!). Lots of women work at GLAM institutions, and lots of women Wikipedians work on GLAM subjects. If you take a closer look though, the GLAM women are often not Wikipedians, and the women Wikipedians are not familiar with the artwork template. That's the participation side of Gendergap. The content side is quite depressing. If you take a "virtual weenie count" (see w:en:Guerrilla Girls) of the objects on display by most European Fine Arts museums, you will see that fewer than 3% of those objects on display were created by women. If we look at the number of female artists indexed in museums, very few of them are on Wikipedia, often due to notability issues. How can we help GLAMs portray their female artists more prominently and become a "reliable source" for Wikipedia? How can we enable women Wikipedians interested in GLAM to do more technically useful work on image donations and other GLAM partnerships? Let's continue the conversation started here: Etherpad for Gendergap session Jane023 (overleg) 15 apr 2015 08:53 (CEST)[reageer]
  8. One huge challenge going forward is the lack of printed resources that can be used as reference material and the ongoing dependancy on online databases for "Authority control". How do we get more GLAMs into the Wikidata Authority control list of "reliable sources"? How can we ensure this doesn't become a silo for North-American and West-European information? What hoops do people need to jump through before their website is considered "trustworthy" enough to be used as a valid source on Wikipedia? Jane023 (overleg) 15 apr 2015 08:53 (CEST)[reageer]
  9. Work with the RKD on Wikidata. Multichill (overleg) 16 apr 2015 18:25 (CEST)[reageer]
    1. WMNL is on board to support your collaboration with them and to give it an 'official' stamp of approval! Spinster (overleg) 16 apr 2015 19:57 (CEST)[reageer]
    2. Yes, they are already all over Wikidata, but it would be nice to have this made "official" somehow Jane023 (overleg) 22 apr 2015 11:20 (CEST)[reageer]
  10. Focus more on authority control on Wikidata as part of Sum of all paintings. Every painter used on paintings should have at least one authority control link. The other aspects of paintings (what type of painting? what's depicted? the location) should also be linked to vocabularies. Multichill (overleg) 16 apr 2015 18:25 (CEST)[reageer]
    1. Yes, I have added the "auth ctl tl" to lots of enwiki articles, but why doesn't the nlwiki want this? It seems like low-hanging fruit to enable readers access to more info about anyone they are reading about (not just artists!) Jane023 (overleg) 22 apr 2015 11:20 (CEST)[reageer]
  11. Help getting their email to work. Multichill (overleg) 16 apr 2015 18:25 (CEST)[reageer]
  12. Get in touch with the Tropenmuseum again to see what could be done in the future. Multichill (overleg) 16 apr 2015 18:25 (CEST)[reageer]
    1. I'm already in touch with them :-) ... would be great if we could connect with the 'countries of origin' of their new uploads. Would be wonderful if you'd be willing to help! :-) Spinster (overleg) 16 apr 2015 19:57 (CEST)[reageer]
    2. They've shown interest in the Wikipedia Collections kiosk. Might be a nice new project. Husky (overleg) 20 apr 2015 13:52 (CEST)[reageer]
  13. Visualizing medical data in lines of Cancer Centre UK's uploads. Creating informative images to help understand articles related to medicine. --Netha Hussain (overleg) 17 apr 2015 22:16 (CEST)[reageer]
  14. Start a 'GLAM support group' with experts in institutional partnerships, copyright laws and wikimedians in residence to mentor and provide advice to those undertaking new GLAM projects. --Netha Hussain (overleg) 17 apr 2015 22:19 (CEST)[reageer]
    1. Isn't this the GLAM mailing list? Do you feel medical issues are underrepresented on it? Jane023 (overleg) 22 apr 2015 11:20 (CEST)[reageer]
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