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Romaine mentioned this on wikimedia-l; weird, I had last heard of this project in 2011 and I had no idea it was progressing. http://prototype.cosyne.eu is down, any other place where to test? In the SF project I don't see an actual repository, only the jar files; where is the work happening, is it going on? Do they know about mw:Content translation? --Nemo bis (overleg) 9 jul 2014 15:01 (CEST)Reageren[reageer]

The project has been closed a year ago. Wikimedia Nederland filed a report (Frans Grijzenhout wrote it). Unused funds have been returned. Ad Huikeshoven (overleg) 9 jul 2014 21:29 (CEST)Reageren[reageer]
Hi Nemo. CoSyne was an R&D project funded by the European Union. Main development was done by a consortium of universities, with WMNL participating as a tester of possible real-life application. The proejct succeeded in developing a working tool for synchronisation and translation of wikitext. However, once the development was over (and the project as such finished) there were no funds to keep the tool up and running. You can find some more information here, including a list of the consortium partners and the coordinator. If you would like to know more, let me know. I am disappointed that there was no follow-up when the project formally ended. SRientjes (overleg) 10 jul 2014 14:16 (CEST)Reageren[reageer]