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In 2006 the Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland (Association Wikimedia Netherlands) has developed the following activities:


In 2006 there was one General Assemblee. After the foundation in march, the board has had four meetings, either public or not. The minutes can be found on: Wikimedia:Ontmoeten/Plaatsgevonden#2006.

The most important subjects to take care of were the opening of a bank account and the setting up of a members registration. The board decided to await fifteen applications before opening a bank account. This to prevent that a bank accoun would cost the association more then contributions would bring in.

At the end of 2006 there were 28 members. In the fall of 2006 a financial auditing committee was set up, existing of:

  • LvdMoosdijk
  • Obarskyr
  • Dedalus
  • Londenp

On the General Assemblee of january 6th 2007 this auditing committee was appointed by the assemblee.

In september 2006 has the association been recognized by the Wikimedia Foundation Incorporated as a chapter.

WCN 2006

On september 2006 Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland orginized the Wikimedia Conferentie Nederland (Wikimedia Conference Netherlands). To organize this a committee was set up, existing of:

  • Annemiek (Kennisnet)
  • Lodewijk Gelauff
  • Kim Bruning (not a member of the association at that time)
  • Ronald Beelaard
  • Tjipke de Vries

Annemiek is web editor at Kennisnet Ict op school, the public ict-support organization for and by the educational sector in The Netherlands. She helped during working time a lot with the organization. Kennisnet Ict op school was the main sponsor, and took among other things care of the location, Regardez La Vie, near Utrecht Central Station.

The committee met once in real life and once through irc to organize the conference. Besides that there was regularly contact through e-mail and a lot of bilateral conversations.

The conference included a program with 14 sessions, among which diverse lectures, workshops and discussions about Wikimedia, her history the, current and the future. The conference was with 45 participants somewhat larger then in 2004 (Rotterdam, Wikimedia Symposium), and was concluded with a positive result of € 300.

In the evaluation it appeared that most of the visitors were confident with the sessions, however some points for improvement were noted, among which the moment in the year, the time of the day and the set up of the location. The general conclusion was that the conference should be repeated.

Working group Free Media

In 2006 the association set up a Werkgroep vrije media (working group Free Media). This workinggroup met three times in 2006:

  1. 13 october 2006, see minutes.
  2. 10 november 2006, see minutes.
  3. 8 december 2006, see minutes.

The workinggroup consisted of five members. During the first meeting the objective of the working group was formulated as follows: "The making available of Dutch collections of media, usable for the Wikimedia projects".

Activities undertaken in 2006 were the following:

  • Getting into contact with the Dutch Creative Commons organisation/de Waag. This organisation has interest to coöperate with Wikimedia Nederland and to organise a campaign in 2007;
  • A mission statement has been formulated for the working group, see Werkgroep vrije media/Mission statement;
  • A motivating document has been made, Why should a put a free lisence on my work?;
  • A project has been started to obtain images of well known Dutch people;
  • The working group tried to obtain images of Dutch fish, but has not succeeded;
  • The working group tried to obtain a grant at the Digitale pioniers. The grant was rejected, on the basis that the chance for succes would be small.